The firm actively investigates illegal and unfair behavior by certain entities and maintains websites to provide members of the public with the opportunity to share their experiences and to learn more about their legal rights and remedies in connection with such behavior. The following is a list of current investigations the firm has initiated.

We encourage you to learn more by exploring the links below. Websites for investigations labeled "[coming soon]" are under construction. Please check back soon for more information, or contact us for more information. 

Uber Technologies - False Stock Option Promises

Firm partners Randy Erlewine and Nick Carlin represent firm client on behalf of employees of car-sharing service Uber Technologies. The firm filed a lawsuit which alleges that Uber promised employees – many highly sought-after software engineers and other technology workers – the most valuable type of stock options (commonly referred to as “Incentive Stock Options”) as part of their employment contracts, but after these employees joined the company, Uber granted far less valuable options (commonly referred to as “Non-Qualified Stock Options”). The firm’s client also alleges that Uber acted to prevent employees from exercising their options at the promised times and misrepresented the terms of the options. For more information, read news about the complaint and contact us.  

Hanlees Auto Group - Labor Code Violations

Firm is investigating allegations of Labor Code violations against the Hanlees Auto Group. Allegations against the car dealership group consist of failing to provide proper meal and rest breaks, failing to pay premium wages for missed meal and rest breaks, requiring employees to work off the clock, and instructing administrators to alter time records of employees. Potentially affected employees include auto mechanics and technicians, clerical workers such as receptionists and customer service representatives, service writers, and salespeople. For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has potentially experienced these violations, please contact us.


Equifax - 2017 Data Breach

Firm partners Nick Carlin and David Given represent consumers affected by the Equifax data breach announced on September 7, 2017. Hackers obtained highly sensitive and extremely valuable personal information of approximately 143 million American consumers, gaining access to social security numbers, birth dates, driver license numbers, credit card numbers, among other valuable information. Consumers are subject to real risk of identity theft because Equifax failed to implement adequate security measures despite the increasing threat the credit services industry is under regarding targeted hacking. If you believe you have been affected by the breach, or want more information, please contact us.

Wells Fargo Merchant Services - Misleading Sales Tactics 

Firm is investigating allegations that Wells Fargo Merchant Services applies misleading sales tactics and overbills customers. The bank is accused of targeting small businesses with no legal support through deceptive language and aggressive sale strategies, breaching and falsely representing contracts, and charging increased and unauthorized fees. The claims state that while the company promised fair and transparent pricing, it did the exact opposite by imposing new and unfair fees on customers. For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has potentially experienced these violations, please contact us

CVS Health – Fraudulent Scheme Against Customers

Firm is investigating accusations against CVS Health that the company participates in a fraudulent scheme against its customers for its own profit. The allegations state that CVS Health profits off confidential and unregulated agreements with pharmacy benefit managers, overcharging and deceiving customers. CVS Health customers allege they were overbilled and wrongfully charged co-payments on certain medications. For more information on the investigation, or if you or someone you know has potentially experienced these violations, please contact us.